Beginners Photography Course

You will learn how to use allot of different functions with your new digital SLR camera including shutter speeds, apertures and ISO settings. The course aims to help you understand exposure to produce images with perfect density and tonal range. You will also be using your cameras menu system to set the camera and then you are making the most of everything it may offer from day one.

This course is for a beginner who has just purchased a new Digital SLR camera (or thinking about buying one) and need to know how to get started. This introductory digital photography course is run by the River Severn in Worcester, Birmingham City Centre and the heart of the Malvern Hills.

One to one tuition £25 per hour

One £75 Gift Voucher

mastering manual mode

DSLR Beginners Course

beginners photography course

Beginners digital photography course.

You will learn about shutter speeds, apertures and ISO and how to produce a well exposed image.

beginners photography course

DSLR Intermediate Course

intermediate photography course

Intermediate digital photography course

You will learn about the histogram, white balance, contrast control filters and exposure latitude.

Intermediate photography course

DSLR Advanced Course

advanced photography course

Advanced digital photography course

You will learn about Adobe Photoshop Elements and how to bring your images to life controlling every pixel.

advanced photography course