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You will learn about RAW and JPEG files. Picture size and quality, pixels and much more.

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DSLR Beginners Course

beginners photography course

Beginners digital photography course

You will learn about shutter speeds, apertures and ISO and how to produce a well exposed image.

beginners photography course

DSLR Intermediate Course

intermediate photography course

Intermediate digital photography course

You will learn about the histogram, white balance, contrast control filters and exposure latitude.

Intermediate photography course

DSLR Advanced Course

advanced photography course

Advanced digital photography course

You will learn about Adobe Photoshop Elements and how to bring your images to life controlling every pixel.

advanced photography course
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One to One digital photography courses in Worcestershire

A DSLR (digital single lens reflex camera) has become the standard professional digital SLR camera to own. Professional photographers and advanced amateur photographers buy DSLR cameras because of the range of lenses available and the excellent high quality results they provide. Our range of digital photography courses range from the Beginners Digital Photography Course through to the Advanced Digital Photography Course. The courses are very relaxed and will help you understand all aspects of photography including shutter speeds, apertures and ISO and help you master your digital camera.

Which DSLR camera should I buy?

If you are about to buy a new digital SLR camera think about the main brands and which camera manufacturers have been around for a long time making DSLR digital cameras. Canon, Nikon and Pentax have a long history of making traditional SLR cameras and digital SLR cameras. I use Canon equipment as the range of lenses is vast, and the quality of images and ease of use is second to none. Nikon digital SLR cameras are now also excellent and Pentax are getting better all the time. I have all my equipment available at workshops and courses, and so if you need to borrow a DSLR or lens this can be arranged.

Why do I need to come on a DSLR course?

I think that training courses for digital SLR cameras are very important if you would like to get the best results from your new digital camera. Film cameras had all the technology built into the film, this made it easier to learn (in my opinion). Your digital SLR will have allot of different modes that may be confusing you. I believe in learning about the basics first. Shutter speeds, Apertures, ISO, White balance and the histogram are the building blocks that are needed to understand your DSLR and get the best results from it. Controlling colour and white balance is very important, and using RAW capture is always necessary to capture the full tonal range from your sensor.

When and where are the photography courses run?

All the DSLR courses are run from January through to December at various locations depending on weather conditions. The Beginners DSLR photography Course takes place by the River Severn in Worcester and The Malvern Hills DSLR Photography Workshop at British Camp. The Intermediate and Advanced DSLR Digital Photography Course can be provided as One to One Tuition in Worcester, Malvern, Stratford and Birmingham.

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