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Do you want to take full control of your camera and use manual mode? Mastering manual mode will help you understand shutter speeds, apertures and ISO using manual mode on your camera.

The course will help you take full control of your camera settings and produce perfectly exposed photographs. I have included a set of cue cards you can print out and keep with you as you learn with your camera.

Get instant access paying by Pay Pal below, just £17 for everything. After payment you will be directed to a download page where you can download all the videos, PDF documents and cue cards instantly.

Mastering manual mode course

If you want perfect exposure you need to master manual mode. The course will cover shutter speeds, apertures, ISO and the histogram. I will guide you through the learning process with a range PDF documents and cue cards for you to download. I have simplified the process and so any one can understand the important basics of manual exposure. There are also a range of short video tutorials to help you understand the cue cards. If you don't understand any part of the course you can always email me with your questions.

Sample course downloads below

Click here to download sample course overview PDF

Click here to download the density tool sample video

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