Canon eos digital photography course

If you own, or are about to buy a Canon camera the Canon photography course is ideal for you. I have owned many Canon cameras and still use the original Canon 5D classic camera for wedding photography. If you would like to try the Canon eos system before you commit to buying your new camera, I have a range of zoom lenses and camera bodies you can use when you attend the course.

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I have been using Canon cameras and lenses for over twenty years. I can offer one to one individual tuition, showing you how to get the best results using your Canon equipment. The Canon eos system is now very well established and there are many reasons for choosing Canon. If you are a complete beginner and you are looking to buy a new camera or lens, I can accompany you to my local camera shop and offer advice on the most suitable equipment.

Richard Barley

Why do you recommend Canon equipment ?

I am often asked why I use Canon cameras over any of the other manufacturers. I have been using Canon equipment for over twenty years. I started with the Canon eos 5 film camera with the 28-80mm lens and Ilford Hp5 film. The Canon eos system was so far ahead of any other system at the time I decided to jump on board. The lens mount introduced was a brand new design with electronic coupling between the camera body and the lens. This allows Canon to use motors inside the lenses, rather than inside the camera body.

The Canon lenses have a range of different motors in them, I used the Canon 85mm 1.8 portraits lens which had a ring type USM motor. The speed of the auto focus with this lens amazed me, and I got use to focusing very quickly to capture fleeting moments. This has never been matched by any other manufacturer. The optical quality of the Canon L series lenses is another reason why I stay with Canon. The 24-105 IS lens focuses very quickly and gives a very good performance when you stop the lens down to f5.6. The 70-200mm f4 IS lens is also very good at f5.6 and the auto focus is second to none.

The third reason that I have stayed with Canon is the excellent image stabilisation included in many of the lenses. Canon introduced the technology very early and it has helped me use 1/60th shutter speeds at longer focal length of 150 - 200mm all the time. 

My first Canon digital camera was the Canon 350D and then I moved onto the Canon 5D (Canon 5D classic) as everyone seems to call it now. I have used the Canon 5D for wedding and portrait photography since 2005 and have photographed over three hundred weddings with it. I can only say one thing about this camera, it deserves the title classic, not because its old but because it is a superb almost perfect camera. I have also owned the 5d mk2 and mk3 and can tell you what I think about them all when you come on the course.

The Canon digital photography course can help you master your Canon DSLR camera. I will show you how to set up your camera, use the auto focus system, expose perfectly, use the metering system and much more. 

If you are thinking about moving into the Canon system, I can also offer a few hours at my local camera shop. We can try a few different Canon cameras and lenses and offer you allot of advice about the right equipment to buy.

I have to mention Samsung, Olympus, Sony, Nikon, Pentax and Fujifilm. They all make great cameras and there are certain things I really like about each manufacturer. I have used allot of different cameras at training events but I still stick with Canon. If you come on the course I can show you may reasons why Canon are still the most popular camera manufacturer in the world.

Canon 50mm 1.8 STM The first lens to buy

A short video about the Canon 1.8 STM lens. I have used many Canon lenses over the years, but the 50mm 1.8 has to be the first lens to buy in my opinion. On a full frame DSLR the 50mm Canon lens is very close to the natural angle of view you get with your own eyes. On a cropped frame Canon DSLR the 50mm makes a perfect light weight portrait lens that can create smooth bokeh and nice sharpness at f2.2.

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