Speedlight flash course in Worcester

Removing the mystery of flash, enabling you to become
confident and proficient in flash photography.

This course will take you through the basics of using a speedlight flash gun, enabling you to become confident and proficient in flash photography. Removing the mystery of flash, this course will allow you to full control of your camera and flash. I will show you how to use your flash in manual mode, and show you the benefits of using a hand held flash meter. One of the best ways to improve the quality and value of your photos is to improve the quality of the light falling on your subject.

We will start by looking at the flash you already use on your camera and then progress onto off camera flash techniques. Buying the right flash equipment and understanding the technical side of flash equipment is also essential, and so I will advise you on the benefits of different systems. The course is aimed at beginners and intermediate photographers who would like to improve their flash photography techniques. A good understanding of shutter speeds, apertures and ISO is recommended.

Using your on camera flash

Buying the right speed-light flash gun

Bounce vs direct flash lighting

Fill in flash-outdoors

Guide number and flash power

Leaf shutter lenses vs focal plane

Soft vs hard flash lighting

Manual mode vs Auto TTL

Flash duration and recycle speed

High speed sync flash

Off camera flash techniques

Speedlight Flash Course £200


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