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One day beginners wedding photography course

The one day beginners wedding photography course is a one to one course that will teach you how to capture the most  important photographs on a wedding day. With over fourteen years experience photographing over 350 weddings I can show you the photographs that the majority of couples included in their wedding album. We will visit a local church and hotel and I will walk you through everything you will need to know, giving you more confidence that you can come back with the most important photographs using manual mode.

If you would like to attend the one day course please complete the enquiry form including a few dates you have free and I will check my diary and get back to you with a date.

Coming back with the right images

When I first started photographing weddings I only concentrated on capturing relaxed candid moments. I soon realised that the most important images were not what I thought. At every wedding meeting I would talk to the couple and try to get an idea of what sort of images they preferred by showing them a range of images. Almost all the couples I met said the same thing.

"We would like natural images of the two of us and our guests enjoying the day, we don't really want to be standing around for hours doing to many group photographs and we both hate having our photograph taken"

I would make sure that all the family group photographs were not ignored on the day as I knew they would have great value after the wedding, but I made sure that the whole family enjoyed the process. I would always take the couple away from the wedding party for at least ten minutes to set up a few images. I developed a system that allowed me to capture a few formal and informal images within the same set of images. When we started producing photobooks and albums we realised the couple were mainly including formal group photographs of their family including some staged photographs of themselves even though they were only interested in candid informal photographs before the wedding. I now have a complete list of the images that the majority of the couples included in their wedding album. This list will save you years of work because you can concentrate on the images the couple will want after their wedding and spend less time getting the images you think they will need. 

Richard Barley

Course overview

One day beginners wedding photography course


Make up






Venue 1 - church

Interior & exterior

Arival - groom & bride

Guests & family

Family groups

Candid moments

Venue 2 - hotel

Interior & exterior

Tables & details

Couple together

Friends with the couple


Evening reception

Guaranteed results and ongoing support

I can guarantee if you follow the list of key images I provide your clients will love them. As you gain more experience you will find a real benefit from having a structure that will allow you to relax at the wedding as you capture a mixture of relaxed and formal photographs.

Who should join this course?

If you have never photographed a wedding before or have photographed a few weddings and would like to take it further and start building a portfolio this one day course is ideal for you.

Invest in yourself 

One to one tuition - Richard Barley £300

One to one individual tuition

Venue 1 - Church

Venue 2 - Hotel

A few sample images

Before you start building a portfolio please get in touch. I would like to talk to enthusiastic amateur photographers who would like to start photographing weddings. I can guarantee this one day beginners course will save you years of your time and allot of waisted money.

Enquiry form

Please complete the enquiry form below and I will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your course.

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