Property photography course

One to one property photography course. I will teach you how to photograph interiors and exteriors using a range of techniques. I will show you a simple repeatable system that will make the technical side of photography easy to understand. By the time you have finished the course you will be producing a very high standard of work. 

"The property photography course will cover all the technical aspects of photography that you will need, including shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, depth of field, contrast control, lighting and composition. If you need to photograph a range of properties and need to improve your photography this is the ideal course for you. It is very important to master the basics first before moving on to more advanced techniques. I will teach you how to pre-visualise your final image, then plan and set up what you have pre-visualised. This is a hands on course and we will be working on a range of shots using different lenses and lighting techniques"

Richard Barley


Shutter speed


ISO settings

White balance

Depth of field


Natural light


Who should attend

This course has been designed for complete beginners who lack the technical skills to photograph the exterior and interior of buildings. If you are an estate agent and you need to produce professional results for your clients this one to one course will help you gain all the skills you need.


Most people will cover the course content in about twelve hours. I recommend six hours per day. Three hours in the morning then lunch followed by three in the afternoon.

One to one tuition £400

One to one tuition

Individual tuition from a professional photographer with over twenty year's experience. Work at your own pace in a relaxed atmosphere without distraction.

Equipment list

Having the right equipment for property photography is very important. I have an equipment page on this website that will help you choose the right cameras and lenses..

It is important to have a range of lenses. I can recommend the Canon 80D and the Canon 10-18mm lens. A standard Canon 50mm 1.8 lens is also a good choice.

A good tripod that is easy to use is also very important. I can recommend the Manfrotto 190 kit I have used this tripod on many occasions and have been very impressed. I would also recommend buying a good camera bag to protect your equipment.

Exposure value technique

We will be using very long shutter speeds and HDR techniques to produce a range of images. Understanding shutter speed is the first step.

I will explain the F-stop system and exposure value. You will learn how to combine shutter speed, aperture and ISO settings to produce excellent quality images for your clients.

The great thing about the one to one property photography course is you will have my full attention all day without any interruption. I have simplified the whole process to make it possible for anyone to learn photography very quickly.

Interior & exterior advice

Photographing the interior of a building can be very challenging. I will show you many techniques I have used in the past to overcome the problems you will face. 

A high quality ultra wide angle zoom lens is one of the most important lenses you must own if you would like to photograph the interior of a building. I can also recommend a flash system that will help you balance contrast inside.

The weather forecast is also very important. Overcast days tend to be the best days to photograph buildings. Sunny days can be a big challenge and I would avoid hard lighting when you are learning.


Q. Can you travel to us, I have three staff who need property photography training?

A.  I can organise a course near you. Please complete the enquiry form and I will send you a quote.

Q. Do I need to buy professional camera equipment before I attend the course?

A. I can recommend Canon cameras and lenses, please get in touch for a list of equipment. The Canon 80D including the 18-135mm IS Nano lens is the combination I recommend at the moment. You will also need a wide angle zoom lens. The  Canon 10-18mm lens is a great lens for interiors.


Q. Do I need insurance to photograph property and interiors?

A. Yes I would always recommend calling an insurance broker and discussing the best insurance for your business. I have public liability insurance.

Q. If I travel by train to Worcester can you pick me up from the station?

A. Yes I can come and collect you from the station and can also recommend accommodation in Worcester. 

Q. Do you offer Adobe Photoshop courses as well?

A. I recommend using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop Elements. You will need a separate course to master these complex programs.

Q. Do you use a drone for your high level photography or a pole?

A. Drones are getting more popular, and it might be worth investing in. I use a pole to gain height. You do not need to get as high as you may think to get a good photograph.


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