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Why spend hours sourcing your own camera equipment! Complete the contact form below listing the equipment you need and I will be in touch with a quote. I offer high quality used camera equipment and include a six month warranty. If you need new equipment please visit.

The online camera shop

Online retailers have changed the way we shop. I have always enjoyed visiting my local camera shop and browsing through the different equipment they have to offer. I now browse online and find some amazing used camera equipment in many different countries. I always recommend that you search for the best quality equipment that has been looked after really well. There is sometimes very little difference in price between a used and very worn camera, and an immaculate one. I always to try to find the immaculate one, searching world wide mainly in Japan, USA and Europe.

The camera shop Worcester

If you are thinking about buying a new camera or lens it is important to get some advice first. I have been buying and selling camera equipment for over twenty five years, and now offer photographers a camera sourcing service. I give all my customers as much advice as I can before searching for the new equipment.

As I also offer photography courses I have been able to use a wide range of cameras and lenses from Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Sony, Fujifilm and Olympus. There are so many makes and models of cameras now it is harder than ever to make the right decision. I have a list of cameras and lenses that have performed very well on the used market and are still very good value for money.

I always recommend the Canon 5D range of cameras and have used them professionally for over fifteen years. The Canon 5D classic (mk1) camera is a great choice if you have a limited budget and would like a professional camera at an affordable price. The Canon 5D (mk3) is also an excellent camera if you would like a DSLR with excellent video and stills quality at an affordable price.

The professional range of Canon L series lenses may seem expensive, but offer the best value for money if my opinion. The depreciation on an L series lens is very low. Only buy the best used Canon L series lenses you can, look after them well and you will loose very little money if you need to sell them at a later stage.

Courses in Worcester

One to One tuition and small group workshops.

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Digital Photography Course

You will learn about shutter speeds, apertures and ISO settings, how to produce a well exposed image using the histogram and highlight alert.........

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Digital Photography Course

You will learn about all the rules of depth of field, accurate focusing, white balance, contrast control, picture profiles and RAW........

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Adobe Photoshop Elements & Lightroom

You will learn about Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe Lightroom. How to bring your images to life controlling every pixel.........


If I buy a used camera from you do you offer a warranty?

Yes all the equipment I source will include a three month warranty.

Are the used cameras from the UK or do you buy them from the USA?

I search for the best quality equipment I can find worldwide. I start in the U.K then move onto Japan until I find the right equipment.

Why do you recommend Canon cameras and lenses?

I have mainly used Canon equipment and have a lot of experience with the Canon 5D, but also like a lot of equipment from other manufacturers. 

How long will it take you to find me the equipment?

Usually I can find what people need within a few days.

Will you take my old camera as part exchange for a new one?

To be honest I don't usually, but if the equipment is in great condition I am always happy to give you the chance to part exchange it in.

Can I come and collect it in person?

Yes that is fine, I do need to have time to test the equipment first, I then arrange a date for collection or post it if you prefer.

Cameras & Lenses

Please complete the form below listing the equipment you need and I will contact you with a quote and availability.