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Create a more profitable and fulfilling wedding photography business.

My intensive wedding photography business & marketing course is a proven and tested 6 week program that teaches you how to grow a profitable and fulfilling photography business using a system I have developed over the past 14 years. This unique system allowed me to book over 350 weddings at some of the best wedding venues in the UK.

The wedding booking system

" The booking system I have developed does not require any advanced tech skills or a large investment in costly websites. I have been using the same simple repeatable system for the past 14 years allowing me to book 26 weddings in my first year and 42 weddings in the second year. I then decided to refine this system to only book the weddings I really wanted to photograph. The last twelve years I have booked between 20 and 25 weddings of my choice every year. The 6 week course includes two skype calls per week discussing every aspect of your business and making the necessary steps towards your final goal. I have included allot of content in this course and further support is offered should you need it."

Richard Barley

Course overview

Richard Barley Wedding Photography Business & Marketing Course updated Sept 2018

The booking system

Market research

Target your market

Building your system

Landing page design

Customer experience

Pricing & ROI

Lead generation

Google Ads - advanced

Campaign settings

Keywords & phrases

Adverts A/B testing

Advert extensions

Advanced scripts

Quality score optimisation

Lowering cost per click 

Facebook Business Manager

Business page optimisation

Advertising platform

Campaign settings

Ad-sets - A/B testing

Advert optimisation

Using slide shows

Engagement & CTR

Google Analytics

Introduction to analytics

Installing tag manager

Tracking visitors behaviour

Setting up conversion tracking

Using analytics CTR

Improving results

Meeting the couple

Meeting the couple and pre-selling your services is one of the most important aspects of your business to master. I will show you the sales technique I still use today to allow the couple time to choose me as their wedding photographer.

Upselling & Cross-selling

Selling may not come naturally to you. I will show you a technique that will let the couple upsell themselves without you having to do any high pressure upselling yourself. The last thing you need after the wedding is the couple feeling like they are in a sales trap.

Guaranteed results and ongoing support

I will work with you for the first 6 weeks and am sure you will book at least one wedding if not more during this time. If you are not able to make your first booking within 6 weeks then I will continue to give you the support you need until you are confident with the system and book at least one wedding. I will analyse your results with you to perfect your own booking system.

Who should join this course?

If you have not yet booked a wedding or you have found your market and would like to book many more weddings in a certain price range or would like to move from a lower price bracket to a higher one. 

This course is for you

Invest in yourself and your business

The course is divided into six weekly payments of £200.GBP = $265 USD

Two Skype calls per week
Video tutorials and case studies
Ongoing support and mentoring

Access to all the course content

Total £1200 GBP = $1590 USD

You will need 20 images

You will need at least 20 wedding related images you can use during the course. You do not need hundreds of images. If you have 20 you are ready to start this course. Select images that will make the bride think about her family, the groom, the dress, the flowers, the ring and the venue. I will look at your images during the course and help you choose the right images to use.

Enquiry form

I only work with a small number of wedding photographers each year therefore I can give the best possible service. Please complete the enquiry form including some information about your business and your experience booking weddings so far. Please include your website address or Facebook business page and the country and area you would like to work in. I am accepting wedding photographers from the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA at the moment. Look forward to working with you. Rich

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