Build a WordPress website in 20 minutes

This video will show you how to build a WordPress website in 20 minutes. This is one of the most cost effective, fastest ways to build a WordPress website using a hosting package offered by bluehost.


This is a list of the resources that I recommend to my customers.
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Premium website hosting

If you are planning to build a large website with allot of images you may want to consider a premium hosting package.

wpx hosting for wordpress

WPX hosting

WPX are a premium hosting company offering everything you will ever need to host your WordPress website.

kinsta wordpress hosting

Kinsta hosting

Kinsta are a premium hosting company offering everything you will ever need to host your WordPress website.


WP engine hosting

WP engine are a premium hosting company offering everything you will ever need to host your WordPress website.

Finding the right hosting company to look after your photography website is very important.

Good customer support is very important because you will at some stage need to contact your hosting provider for help.

You also need to look at using a CDN (content delivery network). WPX have their own CDN which will really help your website download speed.

The CDN will cache your website locally around the world including your images. I would always use a CDN.

Some hosting control panels can be very difficult to use. I have used cPanel and Plesk but like the look of what WPX are doing with their control panel

We just need a simple control panel that is easy to use.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is used for secure communication over a computer network.

WPX give you a free Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate to make your website connection secure, which is important because Google likes websites with SSL.

Out of all the website hosting companies WPX seem to be offering the best premium hosting package at the moment.

What is WordPress

Wordpress powers over 30% of the websites on the internet, but what is it? A short video will help you understand what WordPress is. Vs

Using WordPress with a fast hosting company like bluehostWPX, Kinsta or WP engine will give you the best package. Self hosting is the way to go if you want total control of WordPress.

How to install WordPress

Installing WordPress is quite easy. If you need any help I offer a website consultation service for photographers. Please use the contact form below if you need help.

Email marketing

What is email marketing ?

Effective email marketing involves contacting your customers after they have used one of your services or purchased one of your products.

Automating your email responses over a long period of time will keep your customers in contact with you and your business. I use ConvertKit for all my automated email marketing campaigns.

Wedding and portrait photographers use email marketing to grow their businesses.

The key to effective email marketing is to try to give your customers high value content in return for their email address. Send discount vouchers and interesting content.

Most people don't mind receiving the odd email, but they will unsubscribe if you over do it and send to many. I track the statistic in ConvertKit and keep an eye on the open rate.

How do you use email marketing in a wedding photography business ?

If you have just started your wedding photography business email marketing will be one of the best ways to grow your customer list.

Technique 1

Book your first wedding and ask the couple if they would like a free password protected portfolio area online to show a small selection of their favourite images to their guests after the wedding. (they say yes)

Create the portfolio area and include your logo and contact details. Do not try and sell anything to the guests, you only want to collect email addresses.

The list of email addresses will be useful when the guests have seen you working at the wedding. You can contact them all with a broadcast email after the wedding.

Have one hundred small business cards printed out with your details on including the link to the password protected portfolio area.(their email will be the password)

When you go to the wedding place one of the cards next to each wine glass in the dining area of each guest (with the brides permission of course)

Ask the best man/lady or father/mother of the bride to mention the online portfolio area and your business cards on the tables during the speeches. (tell both of them if possible they tend to forget when they have had a drink)

After the wedding upload the images for the guests. The guests will be naturally curious and visit the page.

Ask for their email addresses before they can access the page.

You can follow up and email all the guests. 

Don't forget to build your email list, it's so important..

I use ConvertKit to integrate with WordPress. It is very easy to use and simple to learn. The customer support is excellent. I tried the free trial and never looked back.

convert kit

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